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Monthly Gathering

Once you "come" to the table,  "stay" at the table!  Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for civil conversations about racial issues impacting our community. ​

Annual Events

National Day of Racial Healing

Beginning in 2020, we organized Greater Williamsburg's National Day of Racial Healing observance. In 2023,

we are started the inauguaral Table Builders Awards to recognize organizations that are working to correct historical narratives and to foster truth-telling and  community collaborations.

Heal Williamsburg, Heal the Nation Community Day 

In October 3, 2020, we served as the lead organizer and co-sponsor of Heal Williamsburg, Heal the Nation rally held in Colonial Williamsburg.  This event grew into an annual "Community Day" with exciting family activities

to foster racial reconciliation and healing.

                                            Journey to Racial Healing Ceremony

    Beginning in June, 2022,  we are recognizing people who have acknowledged and are seeking to heal from

  their family's ties to slavery.  We honor them during a special ceremony.

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