Coming to the Table has compiled a wealth of resources to support YOU and any group you belong to or lead. Resources cover Self Education, Reparations, Genealogy, and Racial Trauma.


Click on any of the categories below to view the resources our national office has gathered:


One of the most important actions in Taking America 

Beyond the Legacy of 

Enslavement is to continue to educate ourselves. Here is a wealth of material to read and watch to do just that.


Genealogical Research rests at the core of the Coming to the Table Approach and its focus on Facing History openly and honestly. Many members of CTTT are active and skilled genealogists. 


The Reparations Working Group is important to Coming To The Table because it provides avenues to impact racial justice directly in the community.

Racial Trauma

Studies show that racial trauma can be generational.  Our group provides resources to help work through the healing process of racial trauma.